Ramadhan 1436 H & Internship

————— Internship Series —————
Lesson 1: Ramadhan 1436 H & Internship


Assalaamu’alaykum my sisters and brothers in Islam..

Hello readers! *if there is anyone read this*


I would like to tell a story mostly about what hikmah & lessons I learnt during Ramadhan 1436 H. Well, Ramadhan 1436 H is special for me (every Ramadhan is special though). I mean, my Ramadhan 1436 H was different than Ramadhan in another years before, in this year’s Ramadhan, I got new experience. Why? because Ramadhan came during my internship period, June-July 2015.


During internship, I spent +/- 9-10 hours at workplace, from 10.00 until 19.30. My break time are usually 20 minutes for do shalah zuhur, 20 minutes for ashar, and 1 hour for break fasting + shalah maghrib + dinner (or we call it ISHOMA, stands for istirahat, shalat, makan). Thus, I don’t have spare time as much as when I spent Ramadhan during school holiday. At work time, I wish I could spent some time for tilawah or listening to murattal Al Qur’an, but I can not. It’s not because they (company) forbid me to do that, but I just can’t, it’s about moral responsibility. Actually, worktime in this company (just called it as “T company”, k?) is flexible, but each person should be responsible for her/his tasks. Nevertheless, once some of them said, “Ideally, we spent 9 hours (1 hour for rest) each day, although there is no rule for that, even there is no contract (lol)”. So, it is my responsibility to spent at least 8 hours for work, hence I hesitate to do tilawah or reading/reciting Al-Qur’an at workplace or spending too much time in mushala (pray room). Perhaps I could listen to murattal Al Qur’an… but I worried that my co-workers or seniors would talk to me, or ask me to discuss while I’m using earphone. Though many people at work often use earphone/headphone, listening to music while working, but… I just can’t do that ya I fear.. saya gaenak aja kalo gitu.


I (and my friends) usually left work at 19.30, so that I arrived at home at 21.00. Everytime I passed by masjid near by my house, I got sad… I wish I could spend more time to pray in masjid, do shalah berjamaah (esp. taraweeh pray which we can do it in Ramadhan only) with them at masjid.

Anyway, I really appreciate that T company treats us very well :”) /moved/. During Ramadhan, they serve additional food (snack) + drink for ta’jil, such as dawet, es buah, kolak, risol, bihun, pie, etc. although perhaps muslims are not majority between employees there. Moreover, I also appreciate my (non-muslim) supervisor, who sat beside me, who never eat and drink in front of me during fasting :”) . Actually, i won’t be bothered if he did it kok.

So far, (some of) lessons I learnt:

“By time,”
“Indeed, mankind is in loss,”
“Except for those who have believed in done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.”
(QS. Al – ‘Asr(103): 1- 3)
Make the best time. How busy we are (I’m not busy tho), don’t ever forget to spare time for pray to Allah, worship Allah. Because the closer we are to Allah, the more peaceful our hearts will be, and inshaa Allah, Allah would ease our business and help us to face any condition. And the last but not least, (if it is won’t harm yourself), be proud and confident of your identity as a muslim/ah, eventhough you’re in non-muslim-majority environment.



This is my first Ramadhan-at-work story, how about yours?

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