Heartbleed Bug, Change Your Password!

cr: businessinsider

cr: businessinsider

Heartbleed bug. First time I heard this, it was when one of my friend told us that we should change our student-account’s password on university’s websites. He said our university’s server uses OpenSSL (https) which is vulnerable to Heartbleed bug.

Beside that issue, I found many people also post article about Heartbleed, so I read some of them. It actually affects many popular websites, such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc. It affects them who use OpenSSL. Heartbleed is something related to encryption as well.

Ok, I won’t explain Heartbleed more detail, because I’m not expert at this ^^. But I will give you list of articles you can read to know more about Heartbleed.

Watch this video about Heartbleed bug by Mashable:


As I said before, the most important thing you can do is to change your password.

The last, this is the illustration to make you easily understand how Heartbleed works.



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