The Journey Begins… (1)

“Ahlan (means: welcome) <–insert my name here–> and Mei  :D”

I can’t and maybe won’t forget that sentence he typed. He just invited me and my friend – just call him Mei – in a whatsapp group. I frowned. I had no idea what was that.

“Kyaaa <–insert my name here–> !!!! ❤ ❤ <3” she responsed.

“Could you please explain what this group is?” Someone – one of member in that group – typed.

“This is a group….something like BPH group :)”

DEG. I was waiting for yellow-campus-bus aka bikun, that short convo was just shocked me.

“OMG, what is this… I don’t wanna be BPH, though perhaps I’ll stay at that organization till next year, but… I just wanna be an ordinary member, or staff… not kind of BPH” I thought.

Who knows what that “he” will be in my life, that “someone”, that “Mei”, and that “she”. Never thought that we will begin a wonderful journey then…



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